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Innovative Music and Creative Arts Classes For All Ages

Welcome to our Music Family,

Strom-Berg Productions was founded over twenty-five years ago. Throughout the years the programs and offerings have grown but the goal has stayed the same.  Every class, lesson and workshop offered is designed to nurture a love of music and creative arts through participation and enjoyment, and to develop in each individual a artistic sensitivity and literacy.

"When creativity is alive and nurtured in any person; child or adult, they become an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. The world would stagnate without them, and the world would be beautiful with them; for they are interesting to themselves and interesting to others."
Robert Henri--The Art Spirit

Thank you for choosing Strom-Berg Productions  to nurture the Art Spirit within you.

Lynne Strom-Berg

About The Director

Lynne Strom-Berg, M.A. is a teacher, composer, mother and owner of  Strom-Berg Productions in San Jose. CA. She brings over twenty-five years experience in developing and teaching music and creative arts classes to children and adults and has received numerous grants for her work in arts education.

Helping students build self-confidence through creative expression while discovering the joys of music and the arts is a constant theme in her work. A composer of numerous relaxation and fitness CD's, her music is used by elementary school teachers, doctors, psychologists, childbirth centers and is sold internationally in the health and fitness industry.

As an artist she enjoys daring invention and loves following the energy of a new idea that nurtures creativity on multiple levels. Over the last 13 years she has grown as a mosaic and mixed media artist.​ Her artwork reflects her love of color, form and spirit; combining found and personal items to create art that is emotional, humorous and inviting. Her artwork can be seen at The Alameda Art Works where she has had a working studio for the last six years.


Did you know that education 

in music and the arts enhances

 higher brain function? Research 

shows that the younger the child

 the better to introduce them to

 music and the arts, while their

 neural pathways are very flexible

 and still developing. Creating,

 moving, and listening to music

 exercises these pathways and

 makes them stronger. A good ear

 in music creates a better speller

 and listener. A good feel for 

rhythm and melody increases math 

skills and spatial reasoning.  Arts

 education expands childrens'

 capacity to learn, to reason 

and to create.

Most importantly, it does not have anything to do with talent and any child can benefit.

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